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Richmond Sash Windows - Renovation Specialist

Richmond Sash Windows

Sash Window Renovation Specialist

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Richmond Sash Windows is a friendly, family run business based in the picturesque Yorkshire Dales.


We are dedicated to the conservation of your existing sash windows, whilst also improving their all-round performance and thermo-efficiency.




Richmond Sash Windows is a friendly, family run business based in the picturesque Yorkshire Dales. 

We are dedicated to the conservation of your existing sash windows, whilst also improving their all-round performance and thermo-efficiency.

If you're having issues with rot, draughts and rattles, or simply with sashes that don't open and close as well as they should, we can help!

You may even be considering replacing your current windows with entirely new ones, but are unsure if this is required and you are hesitant to throw away your current windows unnecessarily? If that sounds like you, we can also assist you in giving you our expert opinion on how to handle this decision in line with Conservation & Planning Officers and National Park requirements.

Please contact us, we'll be happy to discuss the best course of action to suit your sash window requirements.



We operate mostly within the DL8, DL9, DL10 and DL11 postcode areas, but please do feel free to enquire if you are outside of these regions.


Services & Repairs

During overhaul, defects in sashes and frames are made good and primed ready for painting by others. Repairs are carried out where appropriate with our epoxy resin repair system. The resin is very strong, rot-proof and will not crack, and is therefore especially suited to the repair of timber windows. 

Partial or full replacement of timber may be appropriate for some repairs such as linings, outer cheeks and glazing bars. Any timber spliced into existing woodwork will be compatible and the joints formed with resin where appropriate.


Where possible, replacement joinery will be supplied in the same style as the original, with similar mouldings.


Where existing sills are beyond economic repair, the old sills will be carefully removed and new hardwood sills fitted.

As a part of the sill replacement, partial replacement of the pulley stiles and outside lining will be carried out as necessary. 


Cracked or broken panes of glass are usually replaced with clear 4 mm float glass, and cracked and loose putty replaced as required.

Other glazing options can be considered, including 'old wobbly' glass subject to availability.


Sealing & Removal Systems

Perimiter Sealing System

Our Perimeter Sealing System virtually irradicates all draughts and rattles, helping you sleep soundly on those cold winter nights.

Did you know that typically all the gaps around an average working sash window equate to a hole nearly 6" square - that's roughly the same size as the average cat flap! Gaps this big can cause the air in a room to change up to 3 times per hour. In other words, you could heat the room 3 times over and it would still feel cold.

A sash window needs gaps to open and close. The issue comes when you want it to be closed and protect you, your home and its contents from the elements. A rattly, draughty window is not very good at this! Our discreet Perimeter Sealing System virtually eliminates all draughts and rattles, making your home more comfortable and energy efficient by significantly reducing the number of air changes per hour.

Whilst it keeps the cold out, the system also has the added benefit of allowing the sashes to move up and down more freely, making them far easier to open on those balmy summer days and nights!


Sash Removal System

Our quick release Sash Removal System will revolutionise the way you take out and reassemble your sashes, allowing you to easily maintain the integrity of your windows for generations to come!

Let's be honest, sash windows can be a bit of a labour of love! Beyond our initial work they will no doubt need decorating once every few years. From time to time you may even need to call us back in for the odd running repair, and it is always better to do this with the sashes removed. Sash windows however can be notoriously difficult to remove! It can be a bit like tying your shoelaces with one hand tied behind your back!

To help make future decoration and ongoing maintenance less of a chore, each sash will be fitted with a convenient and easy to use quick release Sash Removal System, enabling one person to remove both sashes comfortably and safely in just a few minutes. Don't believe us?! Check out our demonstration video, or you can even book a visit to our own property to see it done in person, along with a demonstration of how your windows should function once our work is complete!


Window Hardware

New brass sash lifts, catches, sash restrictors, etc will be fitted as agreed.

We use high quality polished brass or chrome fittings.

Other hardware and finishes are available on request, call us for FREE and friendly advice!


Call now 07944 161040


Frequently Asked Questions

Why not fit new plastic windows?

Plastic windows are often seen as needing little or no maintenance. However, after several years they show more...can begin to look tired and dated. House buyers are now looking for original features, traditional timber sash windows in particular. Properly renovated and upgraded, your windows will add value to your property. less


Will there be much disturbance during the installation?

Inevitably there will be some disruption through dust and noise, but we lay dust sheets over carpets and show before starting work and carefully vacuum up at the end of each day. less


How long does it take to do the work?

On average, we overhaul and fit our draught excluding and sash removal system to one window per day. show more...However, this depends on the size and condition of the windows. less


Will noise through the window be reduced?

By virtually eliminating the air gap around the sashes, noise levels can be reduced by up to 50%.


What about security?

At the end of each day, all windows will be left fully secure. We recommend the fitting of new catches, with show more...key operated locks to ground floor and vulnerable windows. less

Will the windows need painting afterwards?

Yes. However, all new and exposed timber will be treated with two coats of primer/undercoat ready for final show more...decoration by others. This process is made much easier with our Sash Removal System, which allows quick and simple removal of the sashes for painting. less


How can I prevent condensation on my single paned sash windows?

The short answer is, you can't. In fact, increasing the thermo-efficiency of your windows by fitting draught proofing will if anything show more...increase the build-up of condensation. The window is in fact doing you a favour. By drawing the moisture from the air to the window pane(s), it is keeping it away from areas that you do not want it to be – such as your walls and the fabric of your building. We ourselves use, and can highly recommend, the Karcher Window Vac as a simple, easy and relatively cost-effective way of removing condensation from your windows on those colder mornings. less


Will I need secondary glazing?

Well fitted Secondary Glazing will offer some improvement to the thermo-efficiency of your windows. It does however come with show more...some drawbacks. They often come with out-of-character, heavy duty frames that are fitted in such away that makes it impossible to remove and access the sashes for ongoing maintenance and decoration. Secondary Glazing can also make it very difficult / impossible to open your window which can be a safety hazard as well as inconvenience. Yes, they will prevent condensation gathering on your windows. However, they don't remove the moisture from the air, and it will now gather in other places such as your walls which can lead to damp issues. The same issues apply with condensation if you change your single glazed windows for double glazed. less


Ecology & Conservation

At Richmond Sash Windows we have never seen ourselves as 'eco-warriors', but when we thought about it, we realised we kind of are. Like many of our customers, we HATE waste!

With energy costs on the up we recognise the importance of keeping the warm in and the cold out. In surveys conducted by English Heritage and Historic Scotland they found that double glazing the sashes alone actually has a relatively small impact on improving the thermo-efficiency of sash windows. It was proven that the most cost-effective way of improving the overall thermo-efficiency of your windows is to renovate your existing windows, and upgrade them with a modern draught proofing system.

Richmond Sash Windows Eclogy and Conservation

We also strongly believe in the importance of conservation. In asking us to assist you in upgrading your existing sash windows you can be assured that we are committed to retaining as much of your original windows as possible, only replacing specific sections that are no longer fit for purpose!


About Us

We are a small company set up to restore, refurbish and upgrade traditional timber sliding sash windows.

The company is owned and run by Bill Barker and his son Will who between them have many years experince in restoring wooden sash windows in all types of properties, from small cottages to large stately homes.

We are able to be extremely competitive by remaining small and personal. No salesmen are employed and your survey will be carried out by the person who will work on your windows.

Contact us for FREE and friendly advice.

Richmond Sash Windows About Us


Richmond Sash Windows

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Tel: 07944 161040



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